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Emergency Eye Care and Urgent Eye Care in Lubbock

Thankfully, most eye examinations and treatments, as important as they may be for your ocular health, can be pursued at a convenient, predetermined pace. Occasionally, however, a situation arises that calls for prompt or even immediate attention from our Lubbock, TX eye doctors here at Ginter Eyecare Center. Whether you're experiencing a serious scare or you just need soonest possible treatment for an irritating or painful condition, we're happy to provide both emergency eye care and urgent eye care services for any member of your family.

Emergencies and non-emergencies can prove equally frightening and painful, but it helps to be able to determine one type of scenario from another. Emergency eye care is indicated for any conditions or events that pose an immediate, possibly permanent threat to the afflicted eye's vision or structures. Some examples of an eye emergency include:

  • Narrow angle glaucoma - This is an acute form of glaucoma in which a sudden, extreme spike in pressure within the eye can cause permanent vision loss. Symptoms can include sharp, persistent eye pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of peripheral vision, headaches, visual "halos" and red eyes. Immediate treatment is necessary to bring the pressure down.
  • Eye trauma - A piece of broken glass, chemical burns or other acute acute trauma should be treated as an emergency. Contact us for instructions on how (or whether) to bathe or cover the eye to prevent further damage, then seek emergency eye care right away. A blunt object impacting the eye may also prompt emergency evaluation, since it can result in retinal detachment or other injuries.

Some emergencies may require specialized services such as retinal surgery or other procedures beyond the scope of primary optometry. In these cases we will advise you of your treatment options and refer to the appropriate ophthalmologist or eye surgeon. 

Not all eye problems are emergencies, no matter how bad they look or feel. For example, an eye infection such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) can eventually cause corneal damage if it goes completely unchecked, but most cases will keep a day or two until you can visit our Lubbock, TX eye center. small foreign bodies may also be irritating without posing an immediate danger. Redness, soreness and other symptoms can also be caused by urgent but non-emergency conditions such as blepharitis (an eyelid infection), allergic reactions or seasonal dryness. Feel free to contact us and ask us whether your symptoms indicate the need for urgent eye care. 

Bring Your Crisis to Ginter Eyecare Center

While urgent eye care can usually be scheduled in the normal manner, we understand that there's no such thing as a convenient emergency. That's why we make every effort to find time for your crisis during standard office hours, whether you have an appointment or not. Keep our contact information handy, and when trouble strikes, come to Ginter Eyecare Center for your urgent and emergency eye care needs!

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