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The Importance of Children’s Vision Care

Clear, optimal vision is a gift that bestows tremendous benefits at any age. This may be especially true during childhood, since so much of a young person's early learning and mental/behavioral development depends on the ability to interpret images correctly. It's never too early to start thinking about your little one's eye health and vision. That's why our optometrists at Ginter Eyecare Center in Lubbock, TX stress the importance of children’s vision care from an early age.

Even babies can benefit from having their eyes evaluated by our eye doctors. Infants can't see with Children Vision Care  perfect clarity from birth; they develop this ability as the eyes and brain learn to work together. This process is essential for hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition and other essentials of physiological development to evolve at a normal rate. Incorrect eye alignment, weak eye muscles, eye cancers, elevated eye pressure and other possible threats need to be detected and treated and early as possible. Our experienced eye doctors can make sure your infant's eyes are ready to facilitate growth and learning.

As your children enter school age, visual acuity becomes an especially critical issue. Kids who strain to read textbooks, test papers or blackboards may not only give themselves eye strain and headaches; they may also fall behind their schoolmates in learning and academic performance. It's even possible for an undiagnosed vision problem to be mistaken for ADHD, dyslexia or some other disorder. Fortunately, our optometrists can perform routine vision tests to determine whether your child is suffering from an easily correctable refractive error such as nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness. Even children who are still too young to know their alphabet can be diagnosed by having them read a "tumbling E" chart (which merely consists of the letter E in multiple positions) instead of the traditional Snellen eye chart.

If your child has a refractive error that needs to be compensated for, we can prescribe eyeglasses (or contact lenses, if the child is old enough to use them properly) that restore optimal vision. You'll need to keep bringing your child to us periodically so we can keep evaluating any eye and vision changes that may occur from year to year. If you we find that your child has an eye condition such as "lazy eye" (in which one eye's vision suffers in comparison to the other) or strabismus (incorrect or inconsistent eye alignment), we may also prescribe vision therapy techniques to strengthen the eye muscles and equalize visual acuity.

Schedule a Pediatric Optometry Appointment at Ginter Eyecare Center

Contact Ginter Eyecare Center in Lubbock, TX today at 806-798-8820 to schedule a pediatric optometry appointment for the younger members of your family. We can provide comprehensive eye health and function evaluations, vision testing and corrective lenses for all ages, including a wide range of eyeglass frames to complement even little faces. You can trust our optometrists for all your children’s vision care and eye health needs!

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