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LASIK: What You Need to Know From Our Lubbock, TX Eye Doctors

Ginter Eyecare Center and our team of Lubbock, TX eye doctors strives to provide you and your family with the highest standard of care; whether you're stopping in for a routine eye and vision exam or are looking into having a major procedure, such as LASIK, done to improve your vision. Here in our office, our skilled and experienced optometrists are proud to offer both pre- and post-operative care for LASIK patients, working to ensure the best possible results.

Person in Lubbock getting Lasik consultation

LASIK Pre- and Post-Op Care

Our LASIK pre- and post-op care begins with a thorough exam and evaluation of your current vision and eye health. The goal of this evaluation is to determine whether or not you're a viable candidate for LASIK surgery. Unfortunately, not everybody who wants to have the procedure done is an ideal candidate.

If it turns out you're an ideal candidate for LASIK, we can then refer you to a trusted local eye surgeon, such as the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, who has performed the procedure countless times in the past, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

In terms of post-operative care, we'll want to track your progress and healing following your procedure for up to a year after the surgery. Most patients come in several times over the course of that year; during these follow-up appointments, we track the healing of the eyes and improvements in your vision. Our goal during these appointments is to ensure you're maximizing your results from LASIK.

Are You a Candidate for LASIK Surgery?

So, who makes for a viable LASIK candidate, anyway? For starters, you should be over the age of 18; any younger than this age and it's likely that your eyes are still developing, which could affect your long-term results. Other criteria we typically look for when determining a person's viability for LASIK include:

  • a corrective lens prescription that's been stable for at least a year
  • healthy thickness of the corneas
  • proper sized pupils (smaller is usually better)
  • sound overall eye health

Ultimately, we want to make sure that anybody we refer to a LASIK surgeon is going to have the best chances of not only a safe procedure, but an effective one as well.

What to Expect From LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is done under local anesthetic, so you will be awake and alert during the procedure, though you shouldn't feel any pain. Your surgeon will use a small blade or laser device  to cut a careful flap in your cornea, at which point the surgeon will begin reshaping the corneal tissue to improve your vision. Typically, the procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, and you can return home the same day, though it will take 24 to 48 hours for your vision to noticeably improve.

Book Your Consultation With Our Optometry Team

Interested in LASIK? Contact Ginter Eyecare Center today to schedule your consultation at 806-798-8820. We'd love to get you on the path to improved vision, and we proudly serve the surrounding areas of Woodrow and Wolfforth.

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