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Selecting Prescription Sports Glasses

Playing a sport can impact the way that you manage and protect your vision. When individuals need prescription glasses for vision, they also need to wear glasses or contacts while playing a sport. A key advantage of sports eyeglasses you wear on the field or court is the opportunity to keep your eyes safe from an impact. The glasses offer additional protection while also helping address your vision.

What are Sports Eyeglasses?

Sports eyeglasses refer to a type of glasses that you wear while playing a sport. Essentially, it is a protective pair of glasses that keep your eyes safe from impacts due to the strong and durable design.

The glasses are designed with a shatter resistant lens and frame that protects against impacts with a ball, other players or the sports field. You can add a prescription to the lenses of the glasses to improve your vision without taking unnecessary risks with your eyes or the glasses that you wear off the field or court.

people playing soccer

How Prescription Sports Glasses Protect Your Eyes

When you select a pair of sports eyeglasses at the Ginter Eye Care Center, you can feel confident that your protective sports glasses will protect your eyes. It helps keep your eyes safe while you play a sport due to the shatter resistant design and the sturdy materials. It also protects against injuries due to the prescription that allows you to see clearly while you engage in an activity.

Depending on the design of the glasses, you can also add UV protection to the lenses that further protects against the damaging rays of the sun while playing an outdoor sport. It ensures that the UV light does not harm your vision further and it reduces the amount of wind that gets into your eyes during activities like cycling or running.

Selecting the Appropriate Glasses in Lubbock

Prescription sports glasses allow you to keep up with your favorite sports and activities. The key to ensuring that you have the appropriate pair is to select an option that works well with the sport that you play and that offers the level of protection that you prefer.

Ideally, you want to select a pair of glasses at the Ginter Eye Care Center that has a sturdy material with a high impact level before it has a risk of shattering or damage from the game. Since a sport can result in injuries from the ball, physical contact with other players or even a fall, you want glasses that will not shatter after an impact. You also want a design that feels comfortable and that stays secure during a physical activity.

Selecting a pair of glasses for a sport differs from other glasses because you have key factors to consider before playing a sport. You want to pick out glasses that are durable, shatter resistant and have the level of protection that feels appropriate for your needs. To learn more about protecting your eyes while playing a sport, contact us today at 806-798-8820.

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